What is a DTS Assessment?

A deemed to satisfy assessment is a very simple form of energy assessment that simply compares the proposed materials to the minimum requirements stated in the deemed to satisfy provisions in the National Construction Code (NCC).

DTS turnaround times

For Deem to Satisfy Reports our turn around time is one week. During this time we may request further information, otherwise we will send through a preliminary summary of the report and await your feedback before issuing the final report.


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    When would I use a DTS assessment?

    ​A DTS is an alternative to a 6 star energy rating and can be used for all Residential projects. Typically one would use a DTS report for alterations and additions where only part of a dwelling needs to be assessed or in any other situation where a 6 star rating may be inappropriate.

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    What do I get with my report?

    A DTS Report is split into a summary report, the energy rating requirements as stipulated by the NCC 2013 full analysis report, as well as a glazing calculation.

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    How Does the Assessment work?

    The energy rating checksheet will show the proposed insulation and r-values as stated on the plans provided. A total r-value is shown and goal is to be equal to or more than the minimum requirement. If the total r-value is below the minimum stated requirement the energy assessment is classed as failed.

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    What are the minimum requirements?

    The minimum insulation requirements differ depending on the climate zone of the proposed site, the materials chosen and construction method. These are outlined in the NCC Volume 2, Part 3.12.

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