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What is a Section J Report?

Section J of Volume 1 of the National Construction Code (NCC) (formerly known as the Building Code of Australia (BCA)), outlines the energy efficiency requirements for non-residential buildings (ie. Class 2 to 9 buildings). The objective of this section is to minimise greenhouse emissions.

Section J turnaround times

For Section J Reports our turn around time is one week. During this time we may request further information, otherwise we will send through a preliminary summary of the report and await your feedback before issuing the final report.


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    Why do I need a Section J report?

    Section J reports are mandatory for all commercial buildings as part of the Development Application (DA) process to ensure their design complies with the NCC. Normally, the Council will require a Section J compliance report at the Construction Certificate stage. It is although advisable to have a Section J report prepared prior to submission of the DA as the Council may require building modifications resulting from the Section J Report.

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    What does the report cover?

    The Section J Report will cover the ‘Deemed to Satisfy’ requirements for the following Parts of the NCC(2013):

    J1: Building Fabric: Ceiling/roof, external walls and floors

    J2: Glazing

    J3: Building Sealing

    J5: air-condition and ventilation systems

    J6: Artificial lighting and power

    J7: Hot Water Supply and Swimming Pool and Spa Pool Plant

    J8: Access for Maintenance and Facilities for Monitoring

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